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Investment in infrastructure is critical for economic development, which in turn has a direct impact and correlation on socioeconomic welfare, in other words, generating wealth.

Brownsville’s modern infrastructure positions the region for global competitiveness and offers opportunity for international trade in the global marketplace. Today Brownsville is easily accessible from any part of the world via any means of transportation: land, air, sea… and space!

Port of Brownsville

The Port of Brownsville is the only deep-water seaport on the U.S./Mexico border. It is recognized as the premier port for shipbreaking and is home to the largest domestic fabricator of off-shore drilling platforms. The Port is ranked one of the top Free Trade Zones in the U.S. for exports and imports.

International Airports

The Brownsville-Matamoros Borderplex region is home to two international airports - the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport in Brownsville and the General Servando Canales International Airport in Matamoros, Mexico – serviced by United, American, Allegiant, AeroMexico, and Aeromar airlines.

The West Rail Bypass International Bridge

The first new international rail crossing between the United States and Mexico built in more than 100 years facilitates the movement of goods across the border and provides direct connectivity between the Brownsville Borderplex and Mexico’s industrial hub.

NAFTA Corridor

On land, the Borderplex is connected to the U.S. interstate highway system via I-69 East, I-2 and SH 550 (future I-169).

The U.S. Interstate 69 trade corridor begins at the Veterans International Bridge in Brownsville and crosses through eight states before ending at Port Huron, Michigan, on the U.S-Canada border.

Besides the Veterans Bridge, three other international bridge crossings connect to Mexico and the Latin American markets. The Veterans Bridge and the Los Indios International Bridge are the two international crossings in the area with commercial lanes for trucks.

Overweight Corridor

Brownsville’s Overweight Corridor allows for trucks transporting goods to and from the Port of Brownsville into Mexico to carry cargo at approximately 1.5 times the U.S. weight limit. The overweight corridor allows for companies to increase their cargo loads while reducing costs.

Oversize/overweight vehicles with permits can travel on I-69E, SH 550, SH 48 and SH 4 between the Veterans International Bridge and the Port of Brownsville.

Continental Corridor

The Veterans International Bridge connects the Interstate 69 corridor in the U.S. with the Mazatlan-Matamoros Supervia, a super highway that links Brownsville with the Asian markets by way of the Pacific Ocean.

Commercial Rocket Launch Site

SpaceX will continue its mission of advancing the boundaries of space technology from its new base in Brownsville. The world’s first ever commercial orbital launch site is providing innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities to the Borderplex’ diversified global economy.

Other Borderplex infrastructure assets include:

  • 17,000 Acre Planned Corridor for Industry & Heavy Manufacturing
  • GBIC Large Industrial User Site, 350-acre development ready industrial park
  • North Brownsville Industrial Park, a 75-acre certified shovel-ready industrial park
  • Geotrac Industrial Hub
  • Aerospace Park, proximate to the proposed Rocket Launch Site
  • Development of the Port of Matamoros 
  • Construction of low cost power, natural gas fired, 800 MW Power Plant
  • Construction of 345- Kv Cross Valley transmission line
  • Natural gas industrial lines
  • Available abundant water supply
  • Water reclamation for heavy manufacturing
  • Outstanding Water Management Program
  • Proximity to new oil discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico and natural gas fracking at Eagle Ford Share

In the pipeline:

  • Development of World Class Heavy Manufacturing Campus
  • State-of-the-Art Foundry & Machining Center
  • Port related LNG Projects
  • Energy projects
  • Support Center for Eagle Ford Shale and Mexican Oil and Gas Industry
  • Commercial Launch Site for Space Industry

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