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The Brownsville Economic Journal is a full color journalistic publication that provides a snapshot of the economic trends and successes found within Brownsville’s local industry, as well as the numerous opportunities for investment in the Brownsville-Matamoros region.

It is a useful guide for enterprises of all mediums seeking information about the Brownsville Borderplex. Our region has a great story to tell, and the EJ is our tool to objectively report on such economic trends and successes to the world.

The Economic Journal has been a recipient of two Silver Excellence in Economic Development Awards given by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), which is the leading economic development organization in the world. The EJ was recognized in 2014 in the Promotional Magazine category and in 2015 in the Special Purpose Print Brochure category.

Brownsville Economic Journal issues:

Brownsville Economic Journal Spring 2015
Top Story: The Brownsville Borderplex, a key link in the realigned North American "auto alley"

Brownsville Economic Journal SpaceX Special Edition (October 2014)
SpaceX adds a new realm of economic opportunities for Brownsville, Texas

Brownsville Economic Journal Spring 2014
Top story: The recent acquisition of the USS Forrestal by All Star Metals boosts the ship recycling industry at the Port of Brownsville.

Brownsville Economic Journal Fall 2013 issue
Top story: Brownsville’s efforts in betting on heavy manufacturing for economic development translate into long term benefits for the entire Borderplex. And in an expert’s opinion, the industry is key for the economic success of the region.

Brownsville Economic Journal Special issue on Infrastructure (Summer 2013)
Build it, and they will come. That is what local and regional authorities are hoping a series of major infrastructure projects in the Brownsville Borderplex region will help do once they are complete: position the area for global competition. From new roads, a railroad bridge, and industrial corridors, to utility infrastructure and human capital, Brownsville has never seen these types of endeavors being developed at the same time, all with one objective in mind: economic progress. This anniversary issue includes a series of articles about these projects that are transforming Brownsville’s destiny.

Brownsville Economic Journal Spring 2013 issue
Top story: Hecho en Mexico: The United States' neighbor to the South surpasses China in competitiveness

Brownsville Economic Journal Winter 2012 issue
Top story: Brownsville Borderplex targets emerging industries in South America

 Brownsville Economic Journal Summer 2012 issue
Top story: SpaceX writing a new chronicle. The most successful commercial aerospace startup in history could add Brownsville to its portfolio of sites


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